with the City of Aurora walking back their efforts to change definitions to eliminate specfic breeds made clear in the public forum last night, we’re looking to ramp up our efforts. One of the initial projects we are starting on is a short 30-minute documentary about breed-legislation. If you all know anyone that has a significant story to tell about things like:

1) Having to move out of the city because of BSL

2) Had dogs that were euthanized as a result of it

3) Have rescued a “restricted breed” from a bad situation and currently live in an area where they are not restricted

4) Any other story you think might help.

We are doing a casting call that would only take an hour or two to film. The goal is to use this and accompanying messaging campaigns to target Aurora citizens with REAL data and facts surrounding BSL and why the ASPCA, Humane Society, American Bar Association, AVMA, and etc. are all against it. We’re willing to fly anywhere in the country, so if you know people from other communities with reelvant stories, that could help as well.

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