Help us contact City Council and let them know why Breed-Specific Legislation makes communities more dangerous!

We need your help, Aurora! We need everyone willing to email city council detailing the FACTS of BSL as irresponsible legislation. We have created this message template containing the data relevant to BSL in Colorado below in the links. If you can find any additional talking points to help support this narrative, please add them (and remember to cite your sources). Otherwise, you are welcome to take any part of this message and send it to the following council members, in order of importance of receiving this data. Please send it to them directly from your email instead of any of our (useful) automated forms, so that it is direct citizen communication.

1. Send your personalized comments to Feel free to quote any of the points in the below resources, but please make the comments your own.

2. Email your comments to the following email addresses (listed in order of importance to communicate the data to):

Could vote either way: Nichole Johnston Francois Bergen Angela Lawson Curtis Gardner

Against Repeal: Dave Gruber Marsha Berzins

Support Repeal: Mayor Coffman Crystal Murillo Juan Marcano Alison Coombs Allison Emily Rose Hiltz

Please feel free to use data from any of the following resources:

End Aurora BSL Colorado Fact-Sheet Message Template:

End Aurora BSL Info Kit:

End Aurora BSL Presentation:

Thank you! We are in the final stretch and need every bit of help we can get before 4pm Friday August 13th.

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