We Need Your Help To End Aurora BSL!

CASTING CALL with the City of Aurora walking back their efforts to change definitions to eliminate specfic breeds made clear in the public forum last night, we’re looking to ramp up our efforts. One of the initial projects we are starting on is a short 30-minute...

Flyer – End BSL

This flyer contains additional information about responsible legislation and why Breed Specific Legislation is not the answer! Download and print in 8.5x11 format (full bleed preferred).  ...
End Aurora BSL Call To Action – Public Feedback

End Aurora BSL Call To Action – Public Feedback

YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO AFFECT AURORA’S DECISION ON IT’S CURRENT BREED-BAN IMPLEMENTATION AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! We’re looking for the citizens of Aurora and surrounding areas help us encourage the Aurora City Council in their current efforts...

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